Managing Director

Gareth has over 25 years of experience in this industry. He has gone through the transformation era of analog to digital and was one of the pioneers in providing Document Software solutions to the Malaysian market. In his previous tenure in Fuji Xerox Malaysia, his team was rated as one of the best performing teams in Malaysia.

During his career there, he has achieve the highest award of President Cup as well as Quarter Soaring Eagles and Par Excellence Club on many occasions. His vision and excellent management skills have enabled him to transform DTech to become a world class organization which can give only the highest standard of services

Head of Business Operations

Asoka has over 25 years of sales experience in the Document Solution business and has been through the Office Automation transition where Office devices transformed from just Analog Copiers to Digital Networked devices which transformed our work place and how we do our daily work.

Asoka has been explored to a wide range of industries including Public Sector as well as Private Sector Key Account business environment. During his previous tenure, he was also rated as one of the best sales manager there. His wide exposure in the different industries coupled with his experience not only give him a very good in depth knowledge of document solutions but also how it can best fit in the different environments.

Head of Customer Service

Lim has over 25 years of technical service experience and is very well verse with the Digital Networked devices as well as the integration with the wide range of document solution software.

During his tenure in Fuji Xerox for the last 10 years, he has been exposed to dealing with almost the full range of Document solutions systems such as Digital Multifunction systems (Full Color and Black & White), High Volume Production systems, Digital Publishing systems and Electronic Variable Data Printing systems.

His wide exposure and vast experience gives him good understanding of the different systems and what is the most efficient method to maintain and run such systems.